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SS11-Saddle stool

These great little saddle stools are perfect for camping & backpacking or to add a rustic look to any room.  Made from sturdy 8-9 ounce vegetable tanned leather. They measure about 16"x 16" and stand around 19" inches tall. Folding tripod legs are coffee stained birch wood and hold up to 200 lbs safely.
SS13-Saddle Stool
SS18-Saddle Stool
SS03-Saddle Stool
SS05- Saddle Stool
These leather bowls are perfect for the dresser top to keep spare change and pocket goodies in.
No more digging around the washing machine.
LB29-   Leather bowl 8-9" diameter 
Shipping Included
Shipping Included
Shipping Included
Shipping Included
Shipping Included
LB06-   Leather bowl 4-5" diameter
LB11- Leather bowl 8-9" diameter
If you like these bowls I can make you any size you like with various shapes and designs
Life-size leather torso's make great conversation pieces.
These were custom ordered from old friends of Skull Canyon